Tully Gorge World Heritage Area

The Tully Gorge National Park is a stunning piece of Australia’s Wet Tropics World Heritage area. A landscape dominated by rainforest mountains and a deep gorge, which gives the park its name, carved out by the Tully River as it followed the major north-west trending fault system.

Where Is The Tully Gorge National Park? –
The Tully Gorge National Park consists of two distinct sections, the Tully section is on the lowlands around the township of the same name, while the Tablelands section is on the Atherton Tablelands. Cairns Adventure Group visits the Tully section, which is approximately a 2 hour and 20 minute drive south from Cairns.

Welcome To Country – The Traditional Owners of the country around Tully, where the Cairns Adventure Group goes, is the Gulngay people. Their country is the eastern sections of the Tully Gorge National Park. As well as maintaining traditional links, the Gulngay people are also involved in the park’s management. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

Cairns Adventure Group Run Daily Rafting Tours To The Tully Gorge National Park, With Pick-Ups From Cairns & Mission Beach.


The Tully Gorge National Park is a spectacularly beautiful and rugged landscape. This country has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, with the influence of volcanic activity, a natural fault line and a powerful river system. If you book a Cairns Adventure Group Raging Thunder rafting tour in the Tully Gorge National Park, the evidence of this past is all around you. Giant basalt columns rise from the Tully River, laced with waterfalls and dripping with native ferns, mosses and lichens. The river churns down the gorge, surging over granite boulders, creating a series of white water rapids, which make this, one of the best rafting rivers in the world. Your Rainforest Rafting Adventure, Starts With Us.

Tully River Rafting

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Cairns Adventure Group loves the Tully Gorge National Park and it’s where our full day Raging Thunder raft tours hit the water. Stunning scenery, adventure rafting and journeys through an ancient landscape, all come together for one beautiful day tour, in the Tully Gorge National Park.

This park was at the forefront of sustainable energy supply in the 1950’s. As the population of the region swelled, concern grew for future electricity needs and the hydro-electric station concept was born, developed and implemented. It’s the scheduled water releases from this station today, that guarantees first class white water rafting conditions, all year-round.

Such is the reputation of the Tully Gorge National Park and its Tully River rafting, that it was chosen to host the 2019 International Rafting Federation’s World Rafting Championships. During this celebration of and at the Tully River, the Traditional Owners – the Gulngay people – shared their Water Story creation story, narrating how this place came to be. Truly a celebration of the world’s oldest living culture and tropical rainforests.

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