Cairns Rainforest River Tubing Tour

Looking for adventure? Want to know where the locals go when they want to spend some quality time chilling out in nature? Then our Cairns rainforest river tubing tours are for you.

Rainforest Rivers – You’ll think you’ve found fairy land. Crystal clear freshwater runs off the mountains and bubbles its way over smooth stones and sandy floors, on a never-ending journey to the sea. Rainforest trees and ferns line the banks, as you float on by.

Half Day Adventures – Small, fun rapids serve up some action on your Cairns rainforest river tubing tour, mixing up the float time.

Professional Tubes & Guides – We’ve got it sorted, with high quality, twin chamber tubes and experienced river guides supporting your adventure.

Cairns Rainforest Rainforest Tubing Tours. Fun Rapids. Beautiful Scenery. Families. Friends. Fun. Adventures for Everyone.


Our Cairns rainforest river tubing tour provides awesome adventures for everyone. We’ll take you to a pristine rainforest river, which meanders underneath and alongside towering trees, mossy rocks and climbing vines. Native flora and fauna is often spotted during our Cairns rainforest river tubing tours, including birds, butterflies, freshwater turtles, fish, lizards and more. Where do we go? South of the city, to either Behana Gorge, Mulgrave River or Little Mulgrave River. We pick the best tubing location on the day, based on the river levels. Half Day Tours. Approx 2 Hours of Tubing. Your Rainforest River Tubing Tour.

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