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Smash down the rapids, push your boundaries and get ready for the ultimate adrenalin rush! Our Cairns rafting tours are hosted on some of the best rafting rivers in the world. The fresh water flows down rainforest mountains, picking up pace and churning through gorges and ravines. Half Day Tours. Full Day Tours. Packrafting Expeditions.

Tully River – World class rafting on Australia’s best rafting river. Grade 3 and 4 white water rapids, powering through a Jurassic landscape of towering rainforest ravines. Full Day Cairns Rafting Tours.

Barron River – 20 minutes from Cairns, but a world away. This Cairns rafting tour has action and adventure, combining calm water floating with a series of rapids. Half Day Cairns Rafting Tours.

Russell River – Release your inner beast on our Russell River Cairns rafting tours. Hike in, pack on back, inflate and go. The Russell comes down some of Queensland’s highest mountains, with hidden treasures waiting to be explored. Cairns Rafting Tours – Packrafting Expeditions.

What Rainforest River Will You Choose – The Tully, Barron or Russell? World Class Rafting Rivers. Cairns Rafting Tours.


Ride the rapids in spectacular, rainforest rivers on our range of Cairns rafting tours. The Tully, Barron and Russell Rivers are all impressive systems, that have carved their way down through the mountains, over hundreds and thousands of years. Dinosaurs once waded in their waters. Traditional Owners hunted, fished and have gathered on their banks for tens of thousands of years, helping to evolve the Wet Tropics ecosystem. Our Cairns rafting tours give you the space and place to challenge yourself and push your boundaries. Experienced guides are right there, to enhance your skills and confidence, creating the connection between you, the raft and the river. No prior rafting experience necessary. Choose your adventure – we’ll see you in the water.

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