Cairns Waterfalls & Rainforest Tours

Pack your swimmers, Australia’s most famous rainforest waterfalls await. We have two Cairns waterfalls and rainforest tours, one is a full day tour, the other is a half day adventure. Both are epic road trips, which will have you in and out of the water, while enjoying pristine rainforest surrounds. Both start and end in Cairns.

Babinda Boulders – Stunning scenery and refreshing swimming. Culturally significant to the Yidinji Traditional Owners; learn the tragic love story that still ‘haunts’ this beautiful place. (Half Day Tour + Full Day Tour)

Joesphine Falls – Ready to slide and take a wild ride down the rocks, into a cool rainforest pool? This is it and it doesn’t get any better, bring the Go Pros. (Half Day Tour + Full Day Tour)

Millaa Millaa Waterfall – World famous hair flick waterfall which tumbles 18m down into a natural amphitheatre. Strike a pose, swim and explore. (Full Day Tour)

Volcanic Crater Lake – Dive right into Lake Eacham, a 65m former volcanic crater, now filled with crystal clear rainwater. (Full Day Tour)

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Explore the rainforest, slide into cool pools and walk amongst boulders on our Cairns waterfalls and rainforest tours. We have two to choose from, a full day tour which takes in part of the southern Tablelands, including a crater lake, Millaa Millaa waterfall and the ancient Curtain Fig Tree, or the half day option which allows for a sleep in and takes you away to slide down the beautiful Josephine Falls and splash around at the stunning Babinda Boulders (which are also included in the full day itinerary). On both of these Cairns waterfalls and rainforest tours, our passionate guides are on hand to connect you with people and place, sharing stories and legends. These tours are for those who want to explore and fully immerse in the wonders and waterways of World Heritage listed tropical rainforest. Best Cairns Waterfalls & Rainforest Tours Ever.

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