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Climate change is happening. The Earth’s average temperature is rising, and this is impacting the natural and built environment. While its effects may be gradual, they are real and having an impact on places of importance to Cairns and Tropical North Queensland, including the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics Rainforests. As an ecotourism operator, providing adventure tours and activities in the Wet Tropics Rainforests, we are particularly committed to climate change action and education.

Climate Change Action – Our Climate Change Action Plan includes sections on awareness and education. We inform our customers about the effects of climate change on our region, global warming and the effect it has on the Great Barrier Reef and the Rainforest. We encourage all our guests to do their own research on climate change and what they can do to reduce the impact they have.

Climate Action Business – We have Climate Action Business certification through Ecotourism Australia. This acknowledges our commitment to climate change action and implementation of a set of adaption and emissions reduction actions.

Cairns Adventure Group Are A Climate Action Business.


Cairns Adventure Group is committed to climate change action. Our Climate Action Certification through Ecotourism Australia recognises our dedication to reducing carbon emissions and implementing robust, sustainable practices relevant to our operations, and addressing climate change. We constantly review and update our processes, equipment and vehicles to improve efficiency and reduce emissions. In this way, we’re proud to make a real contribution to better environmental and community outcomes. Small steps implemented by many people equals big change and real outcomes. We Believe, We Can All Make A Difference.


Climate change, and its impacts on the environment and community, is a global crisis. However, we can all make small changes, which add up to big differences, when the entire world starts to implement them. As individuals, you can join the climate action movement by implementing the following changes in your daily routines.

  • Save hot water. Keep showers short, this saves water and the energy needed to heat it.
  • Switch off lights when they are not in use. A great way to reduce emissions and energy consumption.
  • Turn off appliances at the plug. Save power by turning off electrical appliances at the plug.
  • Manage your own climate. In winter make sure you are wearing warm clothes before turning up the heater. This helps to save electricity and gas.

We Can All Make Small Changes, Which Add Up To Big Differences.


  • Help sort your recycling. Recycling stops re-usable items from ending up in landfill and therefore decreases greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Buy energy efficient appliances. When buying new appliances, look for ones with higher energy efficiency ratings, they’ll reduce your bills and carbon pollution.
  • Save energy. Hang your washing on the line instead of putting it in the dryer, so the sun and wind can dry it naturally.
  • Take public transport, ride or walk whenever you can. Catching the bus or train, riding your bike or walking is better for the environment than travelling by car, especially for short journeys.
  • Drive better. Improve fuel efficiency by having your car serviced regularly, driving in the right gear, using air conditioning only when needed, not speeding and minimising your vehicle use.
  • Plant trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and help to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Join The Climate Action Movement By Implementing Change In Your Daily Routines.

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