Behana Gorge World Heritage Area

Behana Gorge is a part of the Wooroonooran National Park, and Wet Tropics World Heritage area. It’s a beloved ‘secret spot’ for locals, who enjoy tackling its long, steep hike and being rewarded with a refreshing swim at Clamshell Falls. The landscape here has a backdrop of towering rainforest mountains, with Behana Creek flowing down through the gorge, before joining the Mulgrave River and making its way to sea.

Where Is Behana Gorge? – Behana Gorge is a thirty-five minute drive south of Cairns city. It’s part of the Cairns Regional Council catchment and helps to fulfill the fresh water needs of Cairns. Access is by driving through the sugar cane fields of Gordonvale, on Cairns’ south side.

Welcome to Country – The Traditional Owners of the area around Behana Gorge, and specifically the Mulgrave River, is the Mallanbarra Yidi people. The Mallanbarra clan estate extends from Gordonvale following the Mulgrave and the Little Mulgrave River, which is where our rainforest river tubing tours are conducted. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

Cairns Adventure Group Run Daily Tours To The Wooroonooran National Park, Which Behana Gorge Is A Part Of. Pick-Ups From Cairns & Beaches.


Wooroonooran National Park is a simply stunning destination which offers a glimpse into Australia’s natural past. Its landscape is dominated by towering mountains, including the tallest in Queensland – Mt Bartle Frere, which rises up 1,611m. The mountains are cloaked in thick rainforest, which shades and ‘hides’ numerous rainforest rivers, creeks, ravines, gorges and more. Behana Gorge is in the northern realms of Wooroonooran National Park, outside Gordonvale, and accessible by road then foot. Cairns Adventure Group’s rainforest river tubing tours are held here, in Behana Creek, Mulgrave River or Little Mulgrave River, offering a front row seat to this amazing natural playground. The best river will be chosen on the day for the tubing tours, pending weather and river conditions. Your Rainforest Adventure, Starts With Us.

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Behana Gorge Tours

Behana Gorge tours can be booked with the Cairns Adventure Group. We run half-day rainforest river tubing tours in Behana Gorge, the Mulgrave River and Little Mulgrave River, and are licensed to operate in 5 river sections. We choose the best river and location each day, pending water levels and prevailing conditions.

While the location of our rainforest river tubing tours may vary, there’s some guaranteed constants. Amazing scenery. Tree-lined waterways running with crystal clear freshwater, which bubbles around river stones to create some fun little rapids. On the Behana Gorge tours, you float underneath and through a tunnel of trees, while on the Mulgrave and Little Mulgrave River tours, the trees line the waterways providing a scenic backdrop to your tubing adventure.

At Cairns Adventure Group we love Behana Gorge and the Wooroonooran National Park. We love the scenery and the fact that these usually gentle rivers and creeks, provide people of all ages the chance to enjoy a rainforest river experience. At Cairns Adventure Group, we’ve got Adventures For Everyone. The minimum participant age for river tubing is 5 years old, our oldest guest to date was 84.

At Cairns Adventure Group We Love Behana Gorge And The Wooroonooran National Park And Have Adventures For Everyone.

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