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CleanCo is Queensland’s publicly owned clean energy generator, with a current trading portfolio of 1, 120 MW in the National Energy Market (NEM). Amongst their portfolio of assets are two ‘run-of-river’ hydroelectric power stations that are very close to our operations, being the Barron Gorge and Kareeya, in the Tully Gorge. The water releases of these hydros enables Cairns Adventure Group to run white water rafting tours, all year round.

Barron Gorge – The current Barron Gorge Hydroelectric Power Station [66MW] was commissioned in 1963, replacing an original system built in 1932. This station harnesses the power of the Barron River to create hydro power, with the water released in the same pristine condition it arrived in.

Tully Gorge – The Kareeya Hydroelectric Power Station [88MW] was commissioned in 1957, part of a large project which also included the construction of Koombooloomba Dam and Tully Falls Weir. In 2000, operations expanded to include another hydro station at Koombooloomba.

The Water Releases Of These Hydros, Enables Cairns Adventure Group To Run White Water Rafting Tours, All Year Round.


Our region is one of the wettest in Australia. The consistently high average rainfalls provide the rainforests with the climate necessary to thrive – as the water runs down off the mountains, into rivers, creeks and streams, before making its way to the Coral Sea. This presence of water also makes this the perfect destination to harness that natural asset, converting water into clean energy, hence the hydroelectrical stations. As well as generating renewable energy, the hydro stations ensure the consistent flow of water needed to provide our world class white water rafting adventures. Without the hydros, rafting would only be possible in the wet season, or following unseasonal heavy rain, when water overflows the weirs.

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