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Cairns Adventure Tours

Cairns adventure tours take in some of the most iconic destinations of Tropical North Queensland. We’re talking the Atherton Tablelands, with its rolling green hills, crater lakes and pristine waterfalls; rainforest rivers, providing the perfect white water rafting experiences; winding waterways, which you float gently down for a half day of tubing; and ancient rainforest, home to unique plants, animals and Indigenous culture.

How much you want to see and do, is completely up to you, but we’re confident this great selection of Cairns adventure tours has something for everyone. Our top tip, bring your cameras and have a smile on your dial, because we’re all about making memories while having fun.

Waterfalls – Cascading into Rainforest Pools

Here in Tropical North Queensland we’ve got more waterfalls than you can poke a stick at! We’re talking big and tall, wide and winding, cool and clear. While they’re all slightly different, they do have one thing in common; they’re all naturally formed and surrounded by rainforest, making them picture perfect.

Can you swim in them? Yes you can! Obviously, we’re talking under, not over and we’ll even bring some inflatables along for the ride, just to make it more interesting. What will you see on one of our Cairns waterfall adventure tours? The hit list includes Babinda Boulders, the natural rockslide of Josephine Falls, Millaa Millaa Falls and Dinner Falls.

Rivers – Winding through Gorges and Ravines

This is nature’s own aquatic theme park. If you want Cairns white water adventure tours, then we’ve got them for you! Rainforest rivers wind through the gorges and ravines, snaking their way down from the highlands to the lowlands and finally out to sea. They’re freshwater and their intensity varies, depending on which waterway you are on and what time of year it is.

We provide Cairns white water rafting tours on the Russell River, Mulgrave River, Barron River and Behana River. These are all iconic names up here and there’s one constant amongst them all, picture perfect, set against a backdrop of stunning rainforest locations.

Rainforest – Thick, Beautiful and Ancient

Rainforest that was once home to the dinosaurs still grows in its natural state across the mountains and valleys of Tropical North Queensland. Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list as the Wet Tropics Rainforests they present a lush, green landscape dominated by towering trees, climbing vines and simply stunning views.

The rainforest can be explored on many levels and in many places, taking in the natural and cultural values this unique destination offers. Our rainforest adventure tours take in some of the best national parks on offer including Cape Tribulation and the Daintree, Mossman Gorge, Barron Gorge, Lake Eacham and Curtain Fig Tree.


White water rafting in Tropical North Queensland combines mighty rainforest rivers, with stunning natural gorges and ancient flora and fauna. It’s an epic adventure in paradise, provided by professional guides, using quality equipment with a total commitment to safety. Get off the couch and into life.

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The world’s oldest continually surviving rainforest grows right here in Tropical North Queensland. Older than the Amazon, the Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest is home to ancient plants and animals, relics from the time of dinosaurs which remain unchanged even today. Astounding beauty.

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We’re talking pristine waterfalls, surrounding by stunning native rainforest. Places so good that Australian Geographic rate them some of the best waterfalls to be found anywhere in the country. We’ll take you there and you can swim and explore. Cool off and chill down in nature’s shower.

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Tubing has got to be one of the best ways to see the rainforest. Gently floating under a canopy of leaves, you’re surrounded by giant buttress roots, granite boulders, ferns and climbing vines. Birds and butterflies float ahead and just to keep it real, there’s some rapids to add to the adventure.

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